Copenhagen selected The ‘Stache to be one of the inaugural All-American Workshops. In doing so, they commissioned The ‘Stache to create a unique carving design that would include tobacco leafs and a flying mallard.

The ‘Stache created 305 of these calls for Copenhagen, which gave the calls away on their website. Needless to say, the calls didn’t last long.

Copenhagen has given The ‘Stache permission to created a total limited edition of 200 more of these calls made from Walnut to sell here on his website. Don’t hesitate to order yours today.


This call, which regularly sells for $475, is currently on sale for $285.

Call ‘The Stache now to place your order.  910-231-6865

Visit the Copenhagen website to see the ‘Staches’ story.

Please call or email me to purchase any item, or if you have questions.

We accept Credit Cards via Venmo & PayPal, or we also accept checks.